Leave your car keys at home and head to Belvedere Station in Charlottesville.

Feel like heading to yoga class, chatting with a friend over a steaming latte, or seeing your physician? As a resident in Belvedere, you won’t have to hop in your car. Once completed, you will be able to head outside, enjoy the fresh air and a quick walk to Belvedere Station, where you’ll find everything you need. And having the convenience of Belvedere Station makes it a hub for the neighborhood, a place where you will meet friends and make new ones. This eco-friendly lifestyle is good for you, good for the environment—and just a healthier, happier way to live.

What is Belvedere Station?

It’s a three acre, mixed-use development that will include office, business and residential components. And it’s conveniently located right in the heart of the walkable neighborhood of Belvedere. Both Belvedere and Belvedere Station are developed with community and connectivity in mind. While the commercial sites are still being developed, the on-site townhomes are fully occupied.

Unique Location

Along with being a walking destination for Belvedere residents, Belvedere Station is ideally located off the John Warner Parkway, and just minutes from downtown Charlottesville and The University of Virginia. With nearly 3,000 rooftops within a mile from its location at Rio Road/John Warner Parkway, Belvedere Station is ideal for medical practices, shops, restaurants and more.

Unique Opportunity

One of the commercial buildings is now completed. We are excited to have Dr. Stephen Fraites’ Family Dentistry open in Building Five. Three remaining sites are available. Spaces are limited. Contact us today.